About Us


We deal with the high performance technology massage guns capable of providing the ultimate massage experience for athletes of all levels. Recovery is important, and a deep tissue massage capable of correctly targeting and breaking down stress tissue is what is needed to really provide a deep tissue muscle recovery. We have engineered the perfect device for this, that is capable of being used from the comfort of your home.

Why We Do It

We saw that everyone loved massages but had 3 problems. The first being the lack of a good quality massage available at an affordable price to customers. The second being that not everyone has the means to travel to get a massage every single time it was needed. The last reason being the consistency in the quality of massages received by customers. It was difficult to get the right person every single time to receive that deep tissue massage

What Did We Did

We engineered the WASAGUN because we wanted users to have an excellent high-performance massage from the comfort of their home, available to be used at any time. The WASAGUN delivers consistent quality and technology every single time to its customers and allows users an at home massage experience like never before. We did for athletes, we did it for you. Start your at home massage regiment today.