Wasagun powered end table review – organized power and storage

Wasagun powered end table review – organized power and storage

REVIEW – Today, we continue with our series “Yes, furniture can be a gadget.” If it can charge my phone, tablet, or laptop, it’s a gadget. And this Wasagun end table can charge several items at a time with its two USB-A ports and two AC outlets. Let’s take a closer look.

 the Wasagun powered end table

What is it?

The Wasagun powered end table is a metal-framed table with a built-in power outlet for small spaces.

 The Wasagun powered end table manual

What’s in the box?

All the parts, a tool to use to assemble them, and clear directions. What more do you need?

 the Wasagun powered end table parts

Hardware specs

From manufacturer introduction

  • Two Flip Top Ways – Beside common flip top, the pull down drawer allow you to take the stuffs out of drawer without need to remove table lamp, vase and other fragile items on table.Which make this end table fits perfectly in small spaces such as sofa side and bedside.
  • End Table with Charging Station – Low battery? Charging your devices with this nightstand featuring 2 x 3-Prong Power Outlets and 2 x USB Ports. Which is designed on vertical side, so you don’t have to worry about electric shock caused by spilled coffee, water, etc.
  • Huge Storage Space – This side table’s dimension is 11.4”L x 22.8”W x 25.6”H, takes up only 0.15㎡ space while provide 2 mesh shelves and 2 drawers for storage.Great for living room, bedroom, home, office and small spaces.
  • Highly Customized – The 2 mesh shelves could be installed in 3 different heights, and the charging outlets also could be installed in either side as your wish. Black aspect make the bedside table fit well with any decor and add Industrial element to your room.
  • Stable and Durable – This narrow end table is made of steel tubing frame and MDF board. The thickness of the table top reaches 18mm, hard to be deformed by moisture, and could bear 25kg stuffs easily.

 The Wasagun powered end table charge

Design and features

The Wasagun powered end table measures 11.4” x 22.8” x 25.6” overall. It fits easily beside a sofa, bed, or chair in your den, dorm room, bedroom, or family room. It has two wire-grid shelves and a wooden two-compartment storage area on top. One half of the top box area swings up for easy access. One long side flaps down for access as well, so that you don’t have to move items on the tabletop to get into the storage area.

On one of the short sides of the top box, there is a power panel with a pair of 3-prong US AC outlets and two USB-A ports that run PD. There is a 53-ish” cable that connects the power outlet to your grid. The outlets are a bit close if you’re using larger wall warts, and the inclusion of USB-A is unfortunate in view of the recent ruling by the EU on the matter. (USB-C is coming!)


The Wasagun powered end table is much faster to build than it would seem to look at the pieces. The only options to consider are which end you want to have the power outlet on, whether it faces inside the box or outside, and how you want the shelves configured. The directions are clear, the pieces fit as illustrated. The four legs have adjustable floor pads, which makes leveling the table a breeze, no matter what floor you’re putting it on.

What I like

  • Well-designed
  • Parts fit perfectly
  • Floor levelers are solid and easy to use.
  • Power outlets are a nice touch  

What I’d change

  • USB-A is quite out-dated

Final thoughts

The Wasagun powered end table

Knock-down furniture has a wide gamut of quality. I’ve been using a teak table I bought over 30 years ago for a desk for the past 20 years (after using it for our dining table for over a decade) and it shows no sign of wobble or deterioration. Other things I’ve gotten over the years (bookshelves, desks, stereo carts) have lasted for far less time, but most of them got moved in and out of college dorms twice a year, either for my daughters or myself. I think this end table from Wasagun will fall somewhere in between: it is small enough and solid enough that there will be little chance for wobbles to develop, but I don’t think we’ll want USB-A on a table 30 years from now.


Credit: https://the-gadgeteer.com/2022/12/15/wasagun-powered-end-table-review-organized-power-and-storage/