Portable Massage Gun
Portable Massage Gun
Portable Massage Gun
Portable Massage Gun
Portable Massage Gun
Portable Massage Gun
Portable Massage Gun

Portable Massage Gun


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  • [Relieve Soreness and Deep Relaxation] WASAGUN professional muscle massage gun helps for relieves tight muscles.Apply to daily deep relaxation,driving away fatigue.Using the massage device for a long time can help relieves muscle stiffness and soreness. Great ideal gift for men, women, parents and friends.Enjoys with 1-Month Free Trial & 2-Year Warranty from the date of purchase.
  • [3 Adjustment Intensity, Cater to Relaxation Needs] This massage device has 3 speed strength levels, Meet diversified massage needs. 1600r/min for warm up,training activates your muscles.2400r/min for stretching your muscles.3200r/min for deep relaxation.
  • [4 Interchangeable Massage Heads, For All Muscles] Equipped with 4 different shaped massage heads, to help the user to relax different body parts.Stimulate blood flow, greatly reduce muscle recovery time, relieve pain and relax from head to toe.Round head mainly for large muscle groups, Fork used for the neck and spine, Flat suitable for all parts of the body, Bullet are joints,deep tissue and trigger points.
  • [60dB-Noise Reduction Technology, Brushless Low Noise Motor] WASAGUN Handheld Deep Tissue Vibration Muscle Massage Gun equipped with a new generation of noise reduction technology, taking strong power, minimizing noise. At the same time, powerful and silent motor provide a quiet yet intense massage.
  • [High-quality Rechargeable Battery, Lightweight and Carrying Case] The percussion muscle massager with high-quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery.It can keep working about 4 hours after per charge and the LED battery indicator can let you know the power usage in real time.Lightweight design-only1.98lbs.With portable bag, you can bring it to home, gym and anywhere.

What is the WASAGUN?

The WASAGUN GUN is the complete ultimate at home massage gun capable of releasing powerful vibrations and comes packed with a multitude of adjustable settings to allows athletes of all levels to heal at home. 

What is included in a WASAGUN package?


4 x  Interchangeable Head Attachments

  • FORK: Mainly used for the neck and spine.
  • FLAT: Suitable for all parts of the body.
  • BULLET: For joints, deep tissue and trigger points.
  • ROUND: Mainly for large muscle groups.

1 x Carrying Bag

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Manual

Where Do You Ship?

We ship to most to almost all countries in the world. A full list of the countries where we ship to is available on the Payment Page. You can click on the Country drop-down window to check the list.

How Much Is Shipping?

Free World Wide

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Shipping times averages 7-14 days for most of our customers

Is there a Warranty Policy?

Yes there is, to put it simply, we offer a 100% no questions asked warranty policy for 1 year. If there is any issue with your WASAGUN just send us an email and we will sort you right out.

Can I Return the WASAGUN?

Yes you can, we take returns for the WASAGUN at any time with in the first year of purchase. We just ask you pay for the shipping costs. To start this process please contact us on our contact us page with your order number. 


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