5 living room ideas that make great use of space

5 living room ideas that make great use of space

It’s great to have a living room to decorate it. However, it’s how you use the space that counts. If the space is stuffed with an overabundance of small items, it looks cluttered and badly planned. If your living room doesn’t have storage space, all items seem to float unnervingly in the emptiness. So, how do you avoid these layout pitfalls and create a scheme with a tidy style? To help you on your way, we’ve put together this collection of 5 living room ideas that make great use of space.


No.1 Incorporate display shelves and concealed storage units into a space. A modern iron frame and smooth wood grain give this piece a beautifully contrasting texture and tone.


No. 2 Decorate your living room with a vibrant palette. Bold colors are highly effective in breaking up and defining different areas.


No. 3 Pivoting shutters make walls more useful. The panels break boundaries to reveal the garden, creating a wide-open outdoor feel.


No. 4 Be loud with color. A fuchsia pink statement sofa, a rainbow of modern art, and a plethora of accent chairs will pepper a room with moments of extroverted personality.


No. 5 Light up a living room with chic design table lamps.